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Whoa, whoa, whoa

We're treating source code as canon, now? It wasn't intended by the creators to be seen by players, and most players have never seen it. It's the source of really ugly terms like SIS (Super Integrated Starship) -- the names in it are for making *programming the game* easier, not for people to read, and the code itself *does not* count as a canonical source any more than things in a movie's original shooting script that never show up onscreen are canon. And just because the programmers found it really convenient to have a way to refer to each one of the ZFP doesn't mean that they intended us to treat that as a canonical definition of which is which, especially when so much humor arises from this having been forgotten.

TFB may have not intended for us to know which is which, but they *did* make a concious decision here. We can't just pretend we don't know it. This is no different from TFB revealing information in direct communication. What's relevant is what TFB intended it to be. We're not restricting our information to just what is known in-game.
As for the humour, it arises from the fact that the game characters don't know who is who.
I agree with your comments on SIS though. That indeed seemed to be just an internal name, and it shouldn't be used to refer to it in the Ultronomicon, except for a remark in the page for "The Flagship" itself. And I'm afraid I might have originated that use in here, but that was a mistake.
- SvdB 05:36, 14 Apr 2005 (CEST)