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After the First War of the Alliance, the warrior Tanaka was the last surviving member of the Shofixti military as well as the last male of his race, possibly along with his brother Katana. Though the stories of the progenitor of the current Shofixti species do not make it clear whether this individual was Tanaka or Katana, most historians assume that Tanaka is the most likely candidate, though it should be kept in mind that the details here could apply to either one.

During the last days of the war, Tanaka, like many other Shofixti, was assigned as the single pilot of a small, lightly armed Scout vessel now considered obsolete, to perform forward reconnaissance for a Yehat squadron attempting to proceed unobserved through enemy territory, in this case to investigate the Sun Device kept by the Mycon at Beta Brahe. Unfortunately Tanaka happened upon a Mycon fleet as it was operating the Sun Device, and, caught unprepared by the radiation flare, found himself and his ship incapacitated. By the time he recovered and was able to partially repair his sensors he found that he had been separated from his squadron and was forced to make the journey back alone. Moreover on the journey back he encountered a VUX patrol; attempting to destroy it with his Glory Device, the system failed and he was forced to flee, but not before several limpets had attached to his ship and greatly reduced his acceleration and manuevering capabilities. Along the way back Tanaka encountered a Rainbow World, whose unique radiation pattern further damaged his sensors.

Thus hampered, he was trapped by these unfortunate circumstances in a half-functioning, near-sensor-blind Scout in transit toward the Delta Gorno system while the Shofixti's final battle against the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za was being fought. Alone among the Shofixti he was not able to hear about and join the battle before the final decision to activate the Ultimate Glory Device. Returning home to find his race destroyed and his world reduced to a lifeless rock, Tanaka was thrown into despair, and maintained a solitary vigil over the Delta Gorno system, debating with himself whether to commit suicide by crashing his ship into an asteroid.

In the end, and fortunately for the Alliance, Tanaka elected to postpone death, and was still alive when the Human Captain Zelnick of the New Alliance of Free Stars found him, hoping to resurrect the Shofixti race. His malfunctioning sensors detecting the huge Vindicator as an Ur-Quan vessel, Tanaka attempted to die an honorable death engaging his enemy in combat, and only through repeated attempts at negotiation, in which Zelnick repeatedly and violently broke the diplomatic formality that Ur-Quan Lords meticulously upheld, was Tanaka convinced that Zelnick was a Human and representative of the Alliance. Though heartbroken to hear the news that the original Alliance had suffered defeat despite his people's sacrifice, Zelnick persuaded Tanaka to forgo honorable suicide and serve the New Alliance of Free Stars.

It was difficult to find a task for an aging warrior in a barely functional ship to perform, but Zelnick did. Finding the set of cryogenically frozen Shofixti Maidens captured by the VUX Admiral ZEX long ago, Zelnick recovered them and brought them to Tanaka, offering him a chance to replenish his species. Tanaka eagerly accepted, and after reviving his new wives and explaining the situation to them, they enthusiastically began procreating; the first generations were brought to the Starbase to be fed and raised, and the very fast Shofixti gestation and maturation rate meant that a viable population of Shofixti personnel was available to crew Alliance operations within months, with the reestablishment of the Shofixti species on a new homeworld expected in the near future.

Tanaka himself has recently been observed returning to his vigil in his old Scout vessel over Delta Gorno, in desperate need of solitary, personal time to reflect after the honorable yet strenuous duties of fathering a new race.