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Alien Races in the Star Control Universe - notable groups

Sentient Milieu: Drall | Mael-Num | Taalo | Yuli | Yuptar | Faz | Ur-Quan
Ur-Quan Hierarchy: Battle Thralls: Thraddash - Umgah - Ilwrath - Spathi - Androsynth - Mycon - VUX - Yehat
Fallow Slaves: Faz - Chenjesu - Mmrnmhrm - Human - Syreen
Alliance of Free Stars: Chenjesu | Mmrnmhrm | Yehat | Shofixti | Human | Arilou | Syreen

This is just an attempt to create something like what I've seen on some wikipedia articles. I'm still not sure how useful something like this would be. This would be placed at the bottom of the page and allow easier navigation to related races (rather than jumping to the "Races" category and then to an article). The "other"/unaffiliated/optional allied races are a bit of a problem...