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Starship Databank Entry

The Yehat Terminator is a small yet powerful vessel that possesses moderate movement characteristics. It is capable of inflicting heavy damage at close range and rendering itself temporarily immune to most enemy attacks.


The Terminator is a light, moderately fast vessel with a good turning rate and moderate acceleration. It is greatly affected by gravity wells, and is highly susceptible to the Chmmr Avatar's tractor beam attack.



Terminators are armed with dual short-range rapid-fire ion pulse cannons. A full spread of this weapon is capable of destroying an Androsynth Guardian outright. The power of this weapon is tempered by the fact that the damage is spread out over multiple projectiles, the comapratively small energy store on a Terminator, as well as the power requirements of its secondary weapon systems.


In addition to their powerful offensive weaponry, Terminators are equipped with a powerful energy force shield that will repel almost any attack for a limited duration of time. A Syreen Penetrator's song, a VUX Intruder's limpets, and a Shofixti Scout's Glory Device are some of the few (but not all) attacks that can penetrate the Terminator's shield.

Tactical Overview

Given the combination of a powerful, short-range, forward-facing weapon, and nigh-invulnerability upon command, the most obvious strategy for a Terminator is "full frontal assault". In alot of cases it is a suprisingly effective one. Unfortunately, Terminators have a comparatively small energy store, and although it does regenerate rather quickly, there is not sufficient power for constant firing and shielding. Proper timing, sensible weapon useage and conservation of energy for shields are of paramount importance.

Given their moderate speed and maneuverability, gravity whips courtesy of the planet can prove quite useful (be it for escape or strafing runs).

Not without its faults, the Yehat Terminator remains one of the most potent combat vessels in the game, particularly when mastered.