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* '''Core team ''(in alphabetic order)'''''
* '''Core team ''(in alphabetic order)'''''
** Serge van den Boom
** [[Serge van den Boom]]
** Mika Kolehmainen
** [[Mika Kolehmainen]]
** Michael Chapman Martin
** [[Michael Chapman Martin]]
** Chris Nelson
** [[Chris Nelson]]
** Alex Volkov
** [[Alex Volkov]]
* '''Additional programming ''(in alphabetical order)'''''
* '''Additional programming ''(in alphabetical order)'''''
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[[Category:About the Star Control series]]
[[Category:About the Star Control series]]
[[Category:Credits| ]]

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  • Additional programming (in alphabetical order)
    • Geoffrey Hausheer
    • Nicolas Simonds
  • Other contributions (in alphabetical order)
    • Jouni Airaksinen (Startup Menu)
    • Karl Bartel
    • Travis Chase (BeOS port)
    • Felix Lazarev (3DO internals)
    • Parker MacMillan
    • Sanjay Madhav (code patches)
    • Robert McNamara (MacOS X stuff)
    • Mike Melanson (ADPCM basis from MPlayer used for DUK audio)
    • Erol Otus (Splash screen)
    • Brian Rogers
    • Horatiu Romosan
    • Joffrey Smith (setup graphics)
    • Peter van Valderen
    • Alex Volkov (additional slides)
    • Alexander Waseleski (code patches)
    • Yukki (v0.1 Win32 installer graphics)