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The Thraddash are a race of intellectually challenged barbarians from the Draconis stars. They look like some sort of bipedal, plated, hornless rhinos, with tough muscled arms and a mean temper. The Traddash act tough and talk even tougher, usually smoking cigars(?)in their cockpits. They have little or no respect for anything aside from force, which they admire greatly.

The Thraddash history has witnessed the rise and fall of 18 different planetary cultures. Each time their culture reached a certain point a new ideology for a more perfect culture arrived, and they fought a bitter war eventually blasting themselves back usually 500 years in development, and started a new culture from scrach. Culture 14 tried at one point to reason that this method was entirely wrong, until culture 15 conquered it only after 10 years of reign, thus proving it's "error". their current culture 19 was born after the Ur-Quan conquered them. The violent Thraddash of course immidiately choosed to become Battle Thralls.

Ur-Quan however found the Thraddash military vessels weak, and left them to their homestars to "Guard the flank". The modern Thraddash have improved their Torch ships with a effective Reeunk Afterburner(named after it's creator).