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A typical Thraddash starship captain
Homeworld: Delta Draconis I
Coordinates: 253.5 : 835.8
Member of: Ur-Quan Hierarchy (battle thrall),
New Alliance of Free Stars (optional)
Ship: Torch

The Thraddash are a race of intellectually challenged barbarians from the Draconis stars.

Physiology and Psychology

The Thraddash look like bipedal, plated, hornless rhinocerii, with strong muscled arms, a thick, tough skin (encasing a set of smooth innards which are considered tasty by the Ilwrath)1 and a mean temper. The Thraddash talk tough and act even tougher, usually smoking cigars in their cockpits. They have little or no respect for anything aside from force, which they admire greatly. One could say that the Thraddash resemble an alien biker-gang from outer space. As a Melnorme proverb puts it, "To make a Thraddash your friend, kill him — but then of course, he’s dead, so what’s the point?"2



After The Captain directed the Thraddash to rhyme in their introductions to alien vessels, Thraddash culture found another channel of expression. The following examples provide an insight into the Thraddash psyche.

We are the rhyming simons
blancmange rhymes with orange
space is the place
the stars in their courses
cannot catch the horses?

Blood is red, bruises are blue
When strangers come here, we run them through!

There once was a Thraddash named Mak-Roni
whose ship was in total caco-phony
He got lost in Apodis
and died in Draconis
Because all that he ate was baloney!

Constantly moving are
space, stars, time
form not function
meets in death

Known individuals

Notes and references

1Based on the Ilwrath line "Though Our Enemy, The Thraddash, Possess A Tough And Chewy Exterior, Inside These Creatures Can Be Found A Most Smooth And Sweet Set Of Innards." Also see the Role Playing Resource Guide, p. 32.
2From the Role Playing Resource Guide, p. 32.
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