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TimeWarp is a fan-made project based on the Star Control Universe and game dynamics. The developers were dissapointed with Star Control 3 and want to create a "true sequel" to the epic Star Control II. The original TimeWarp project has spawned several forks.


At the time of writing it has the melee portion of the game implemented, which contains an enormous selection of ships. The classics from all three Star Control games are coupled with a wealth of fan-made vessels. You can even fight in the planet lander!

To learn more about the TimeWarp project, visit http://timewarp.sourceforge.net/.


TW-Light is a TimeWarp fork meant to produce a more clean and stable codebase. It also has a revised Melee mode, which features a more selective roster of ships. TW-Light is more actively developed than the original TimeWarp.

The TW-Light homepage is located at http://tw-light.berlios.de/


Legacies is the first-person "story mode" component of TW-Light. It is actively being worked on, and the Legacies team is always on the lookout for new writers and artists.


Another fork of TimeWarp, this project served as the spawning grounds for the Legacies project. Legacies has now become part of TW-Light, and the TWX project has defined a new goal for itself. It now aims to create a real-time strategy game based in the Star Control Universe.