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TimeWarp contains all of the classic ships along with new ones such as the Alary Battlecruiser.

TimeWarp is a fan-made project based on the Ur-Quan Masters Universe and game dynamics. The developers were disappointed with Star Control 3 and want to create a "true sequel" to the epic Star Control II. The original TimeWarp project has spawned several forks.


This project was created in 1998 by The Fly and aimed at creating a sequel to the Star Control 2 adventure game. The melee portion of the game was created early in the existence of the project. Due to very slow plot development and the departure of coders, the project was not able to progress beyond melee. Over time, focus shifted to the melee aspect of the game, and currently contains an enormous selection of ships. The classic ships from all three Star Control games are coupled with a wealth of fan-made vessels. It is even possible to fight in the planet lander.

Current development aims at maintenance of the Timewarp code (bug fixing), tweaking of ships, and occasionally the addition of a new ship.

To learn more about the TimeWarp project, visit http://timewarp.sourceforge.net/.

Public Plot Initiative[edit]

The public plot initiative is an initiative for and by the public, which develops a plot set in the Star Control universe, using ideas and suggestions that are posted on the Timewarp forums.


TW-Light is a TimeWarp fork created by Yurand and Youbstrd! in 2004, and intends to produce a more clean and stable codebase. It also has a revised Melee mode, which features a more selective roster of ships. TW-Light is more actively developed than the original TimeWarp.

The TW-Light homepage is located at http://tw-light.berlios.de/. The plot of the game can be downloaded here. (spoilers)


Legacies is the first-person "story mode" component of TW-Light. Work on this story has halted due to lack of developers; the Legacies team is on the lookout for new writers and artists.


Another fork of TimeWarp, this project was created in 2003 after some dissent in the Timewarp team, by Tau, GeomanNL and UAF. Originally it aimed at creating an adventure in the Star Control Universe, but after some setbacks, the project aims at more modest goals which will be completed in turn - namely, (1) a playable mission set, (2) a simple real-time-strategy, and (3) an adventure. These goals accompany the completion of different critical parts of the code.

The TWX project is located at http://twx.sourceforge.net/