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Thraddash Torch Icon.png

The Thraddash Torch is the pride and joy of Thraddash Culture Nineteen. It is very small, but its maneuverability and its powerful afterburners make it a serious contender even against large ships.

The Torch's main weapon is the medium-range Mark VI blaster. The blaster is pretty weak (although it can penetrate an Umgah Drone's anti-matter cone), so most Thraddash pilots use the secondary weapon, the Reeunk Afterburner as their main weapon. The afterburner accelerates the Torch to incredible speeds and leaves in its wake a fiery trail of ionized plasma that, while still hot, can cripple enemy ships in seconds should one be following too closely.

The Reeunk Afterburner is a relatively recent addition to the Torch. Earlier revisions of this ship were armed only with the blaster and therefore deemed too ineffective for combat by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za. Once they became battle thralls, the Thraddash were ordered to "guard the rear" by staying in their home territory. Now that their ships have been improved, the Thraddash would love nothing more than to try them out against another race and thus prove their worth to the Kzer-Za.