Ultimate Evil

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According to Fwiffo, the Spathi as a whole live in constant fear of an enigmatic, malicious alien race known simply as the Ultimate Evil. Since Fwiffo is the only Spathi to discuss the Ultimate Evil, it is unknown exactly how prevalent the belief in and fear of the Ultimate Evil is among the Spathi. Nothing is actually known about the powers, intentions, or even the true identity of this race. However, the race's furtive nature, lurking just beyond the reach of the most powerful long-range sensors, is evidence (according to the Spathi) of its nefarious intent. This cultural fear is so powerful that the Spathi contingent of the Earthguard, with the exception of the StarRunner and her captain Fwiffo, disobeyed orders from the Ur-Quan and returned to Spathiwa to defend against a possible surprise attack by the Ultimate Evil. Of course, there is always the possibility that the Ultimate Evil is simply non-existent, merely an essential element of a mythology from a culture and civilization based upon cowardice.

The Spathi's description of the Ultimate Evil shares similarities with the mysterious interdimensional parasites mentioned by the Arilou, the entities which Science Officer Bukowski simply calls 'Them', and possibly the Orz; but, there is no evidence that any of these can be identified as the Ultimate Evil. In the case of the Orz, the Spathi admit that the Orz are 'creepy,' but do not associate them with the Ultimate Evil.