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Please read this page in its entirety before editing an Ultronomicon article.

As the Ultronomicon is still young, we don't yet have our own set of documents on style and content.

So for the moment we're pretty much following the Wikipedia conventions.

You can find more about those here:

So far, a number of issues keep coming up while people are editing the Ultronomicon. While the above links contain all the relevant information, these issues occur often enough and are important enough to be explicitely mentioned here.

How to Edit

Be bold when editing

If you have a problem with (part of) a page, by all means edit it. Noone "owns" a page.

For more information see Wikipedia:Be bold in updating pages.

Signing off on Talk pages

It is helpful when people can quickly see who wrote what on Talk pages. To this end, place '~~~~' at the end of your message; it will be replaced by your name and the current date and time.