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This page is a stub. We encourage you to edit and improve it.

This page is guaranteed to be spoiler free. It is safe for you to read this page even if you have not completed playing The Ur-Quan Masters. Links you follow from this page do not share this guarantee unless they also include this text.

This page is the style guide for the Ultronomicon. It is intended to help make the Ultronomicon easier to read by following a standard, consistent format. As stated in Editing Essentials, we're pretty much following the Wikipedia style unless otherwise specified here.

At this stage, this guide is just in the beginning stages: you can edit this guide as you see fit, but please document according to how things are already done in this Wiki. If you disagree with a section of this style guide, please add (disputed) to the end of that section and discuss this in the talk page.


The Ultronomicon currently uses American English (see talk).

Writing style

The Ultronomicon is supposed to be an objective reference work. Don't write the articles as if you're writing a story; write them as an exposition about a topic.

Only write statements as a (game) fact when there is no doubt that that is the correct interpretation. If there are other interpretations, however unlikely they may be, use words like "possibly", "may suggest", "perhaps", "it may be that", etc. to clearly indicate that what is written in the article is not set in stone.

When there is a lot of discussion about a topic, it may be appropriate to dedicate a section to the various theories that go around. The theories themselves should be written from a neutral point of view. The writing should not show the prefered interpretation of its writer.

General naming conventions and usage

The following are the general ways we use to name or specify groups of items within the game.

Race boxes

Insert a caption for the image here.
Homeworld: Sol III (Earth)
Coordinates: 175.2 : 145.0
Member of: Alliance of Free Stars,
Ur-Quan Hierarchy (fallow slave),
New Alliance of Free Stars
Ship: Cruiser

Insert the {{RaceBox}} template at the beginning of the race article before any text. The example to the right uses Humans for the sample data (to prevent spoilers). Fill out this template according to the following guidelines:

Homeworld: Specify the universal name, followed by the race's own name for their planet in parentheses, if known. Provide a Wikilink for either name if appropriate. For example, the Human homeworld is located at Sol III, but the Humans themselves refer to their homeworld as Earth.

Coordinates: Specify the homeworld coordinates in the same way as the game, using the x-coordinates, a colon, and the y-coordinates. Insert a whitespace before and after the colon.

Member of: Specify the organizations of which this race is a part using a comma and a new line for each new entry. Where appropriate, specify the different organizations in the following order:

  1. The organization in Star Control I, if the race was represented there.
  2. The organization at the beginning of Star Control II, if this is different from the first one.
  3. The organization near the end of Star Control II, if this is different from the first two. If this race's membership is largely dependent on player actions, put "(optional)" at the end of this entry.
For races defeated by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, use "Hierarchy of Battle Thralls" to denote battle thralls and "Ur-Quan Hierarchy (fallow slave)" to denote the slave-shielded races. (disputed, see talk)

Ship: Specify the name of the ship without the name of the race. For example, use "Cruiser", not "Earthling Cruiser".

Specific naming conventions and usage

The following are the specific ways we use to name specific elements within the game.

The protagonist

Use "The Captain" to specify the name of the protagonist of Star Control II.

The default name in the 3DO version and The Ur-Quan Masters is Captain Zelnick, but this should not be used here as it can be changed in the game settings. In the PC version there wasn't even a default.

The protagonist's flagship

Use "The Flagship" (note the capitalization) to refer to the one and only Precursor ship controlled by the player in Star Control II. When refering to the ship by description, used "flagship" as you would in any other English text.

The default name in the 3DO version and The Ur-Quan Masters is "Vindicator", but this should not be used here as it can be changed in the game settings. In the PC version there wasn't even a default.

The protagonist's alliance

The name of the new alliance in Star Control II is the "New Alliance of Free Stars". When listing this organization in the {{RaceBox}}, do not use a leading "The" to specify this alliance (ie, "New Alliance of Free Stars", not "The New Alliance of Free Stars").

Commander Hayes asks the Captain to name the new alliance, and the following are the four options given in the dialog:

  • The New Alliance of Free Stars
  • The Concordance of Alien Nations
  • The United Federation of Worlds
  • The Empire of (Captain's name)

We chose the first option because it best describes the purpose and origins of the new alliance. (disputed, see talk)