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This page is guaranteed to be spoiler free. It is safe for you to read this page even if you have not completed playing The Ur-Quan Masters. Links you follow from this page do not share this guarantee unless they also include this text.

Differences between the Ultronomicon and Wikipedia:

  • Wikipedia is a general purpose encyclopedia, which happens to contain information about Star Control. The Ultronomicon is a detailed reference work about everything related to Star Control.
  • Text in Wikipedia is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, while the text in the Ultronomicon is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license. They are similar in philosophy, although not exactly the same. The licenses do not allow text from Wikipedia to be used in the Ultronomicon, nor vice versa.

What doesn't belong in the Ultronomicon:

  • Information about real-life topics that are not specific to Star Control. So no anatomy of humans, and no description of the evolution of stars.

In some cases it may be appropriate to provide a link to Wikipedia as a reference.

What belongs in the Ultronomicon, but probably not in Wikipedia:

  • Game details. While a brief article about a Star Control race may have a place in Wikipedia, it's unlikely they'll appreciate a description of all flagship modules.

What do the Ultronomicon and Wikipedia share:

  • They both follow the principle of Neutral Point of View (NPOV). Text in the Ultronomicon should be objective and consistent with what we know of the Star Control Universe. Fan fiction has no place here, and speculation should be clearly marked as such, either with words as "perhaps", "possibly", "maybe", etc, or, for oft discussed topics, by dedicating an entire section on theories.
  • The MediaWiki software is used to power both.