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*[[ZEX]] - Also contains a lot of fanfiction.
*[[ZEX]] - Also contains a lot of fanfiction.
*[[Game Humor]] - Decide whether it will be kept or not.
*[[Game Humor]] - Decide whether it will be kept or not.
*[[:Category:Ships|Ship]] articles — use [[Template:ShipBox]] and standardize Tactical Overview sections after [[Avatar]].
*[[:Category:Ships|Ship]] articles
*Wikify [[Star data]].
*These articles make good candidates for deletion:
**within [[:Category:Locations|Locations]]
***[[Alpha Lyrae]]
***[[Beta Centauri]]
***[[Beta Lyrae]]
***[[Delta Centauri]]
***[[Epsilon Centauri]]
***[[Gamma Centauri]]
***[[Zeta Centauri]]
**[[Alien psychology]]
*These articles need to be created:
**[[Ultronomicon]] (That's right! The Ultronomicon doesn't have a page about the Ultronomicon!)
***[[Alpha Lalande]]
***[[Delta Vulpeculae]]
***[[Eta Vulpeculae]]
***[[Gamma Serpentis]]
***[[Beta Luyten]]
***[[Epsilon Camelopardalis]]
***[[Delta Crateris]]
***[[Epsilon Scorpii]]
***[[Epsilon Camelopardalis Ia]]
***[[Organon I]]
***[[Alpha Pavonis VII]]
***[[Delta Crateris V]]
***[[Beta Brahe I]]
***[[Michael Chapman Martin]]
***[[Dan Nicholson]]
***[[Jouni Airaksinen]]
***[[A. Keren]]
***[[Aaron J. Grier]]
***[[András Barják]]
***[[Burke Treischmann]]
***[[Casey Monroe]]
***[[Chris Nelson]]
***[[Eric Berge]]
***[[George Nowik]]
***[[Harri Hakala]]
***[[Kevin Palivec]]
***[[Robert Leyland]]
**[[Crystal Dynamics]]
**[[Legend Entertainment]]
**[[Ambush at Organon]]
**[[Pkunk-Yehat unification]]
**[[Thraddash offensive against the Kohr-Ah]]
**[[Battle of the Sa-Matra]]
**[[Homo Deus]]
**[[Peace Vault]]
**[[StarLight Hilton]]
**[[United Nations]]
**Merge [[Relativity effect]], [[Zoom level]] and physics-related stuff in a greater [[:Category:Game mechanics|Game mechanics]] page.
**Create a [[Super-Melee tactics]] page (merge in [[Leyland Gravity Whip]])
**Create a [[References to Star Control in other works]] page.
*[http://uqm.stack.nl/wiki/Special:Upload Upload] more images where applicable, in order to enrich the content.
*Remove the unused templates [[Template:Spoilerlinks]] and [[Template:Notice]], delete [http://uqm.stack.nl/wiki/Special:Unusedimages unused files] and [http://uqm.stack.nl/wiki/Special:BrokenRedirects broken redirects].

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The purpose of this page is to provide a brief outline of tasks that still need completion on the Ultronomicon, and provide a benchmark for our progress.

Note: This to do list has not yet been finalized. For the moment, just add anything you think we should be considering to the respective list below, and we'll discuss the 'final' version on Ultronomicon talk:To-do.

General tasks

Specific articles that need work

  • Androsynth - Most of that page is fanfiction. A lot of info, especially about the appearance, directly contradicts canon.
  • ZEX - Also contains a lot of fanfiction.
  • Game Humor - Decide whether it will be kept or not.
  • Ship articles