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Evil Blobbies
Homeworld: Beta Orionis I
Coordinates: 197.8 : 596.8
Member of: The Hierarchy of Battle Thralls
Ship: Drone

The Umgah are a race of pranksters whose warped sense of humor knows no bounds. They are purple blobbish creatures with multiple eyes, mouths and tentacles. They foster an interest in bio-science, and amuse themselves by affixing extra appendages to their blob-like bodies.

Umgah evolved on a mountanous world with many small seas. They are most likely cave dwellers, prefering to live in moist and closed caverns. This is because all Umgah have Agoraphobia, fear of open areas and spaces. The most apparent feature in the Umgah culture is Humor, and comedian is the most respected profession an Umgah can have. Umgah hate boredom above all else, and are always looking for more ways to have fun. Sometimes they even play cruel and harmful jokes on other races, just to laugh their bellies off.

An Umgah is believed to be responsible for condemning the Spathi to be bound into service as hierarchy Battle Thralls. They are also guilty of impersonating the Ilwrath gods Dogar and Kazon and responsible for the war the Ilwrath wage against the Pkunk.

Despite their antics in teasing or bullying other neighbouring species the Umgah have maintained friendly relationships with the Arilou Lalee'lay, even during wartime when they were on the opposing sides. The Arilou frequently visit the Umgah stars of Orionis, because one of their naturally occuring QuasiSpace Portals happens to be nearby.

On a historical note, it is said that the Umgah were the first race in this quadrant to be defeated by the Ur-Quan and the first race to become Battle Thralls.