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#REDIRECT [[Umgah#Umgah pranks]]
The [[Umgah]] are known for their distorted, sadistic sense of humor. They use to play various pranks on other races, especially the cowardly [[Spathi]]; the known '''Umgah pranks''' are listed below.
==[[Umgah Caster|HyperWave Caster]] tricks==
Using a powerful HyperWave Caster, the Umgah played some "minor" pranks on the Spathi (with disastrous consequences), as well as a routine prank on the [[Ilwrath]], which ended only when the Spathi stole the Caster, hiding it on their temporary homeworld, [[Epsilon Gruis Ia]].
The Umgah, around 2157, used their Caster to impersonate the twin Ilwrath gods, [[Dogar and Kazon]], giving their commandments to their faithful on [[Channel 44]]. This caused a revolution of the Ilwrath believers against their priest caste, whose reputation had already greatly decreased. The Umgah commanded Dogar and Kazon's followers to attack the 'Bird Beings' (interpreted as the [[Pkunk]] by the Ilwrath).<br>''See also [[Ilwrath#Recent events|Ilwrath recent events]]''
The Umgah also used their Caster to impersonate several fictitious malevolent beings &mdash; the Grand Master Planet Eaters, Jud the Ineffable Vug (a prank which the Spathi claim not to have fallen for) and Killmaster 18.
==Other pranks==
Some minor pranks are also known:
*Capturing and dissecting a Mycon (they clonked it on the head to study its capability of causing genetic modification by just thinking it; they keep the incident secret, being unwilling to suffer a Mycon or [[Ur-Quan Kzer-Za|Ur-Quan]] retaliation, unless [[The Captain]] asks them for their secrets after becoming [[Great Hero]]).
*Clogging the life support systems of an entire Spathi [[Eluder]] fleet with foul-smelling goo (which resulted in some unwanted hostilities){{ref|1}}
*Changing [[The Captain]]'s status from Great Hero to [[Great Enemy]] and attacking him.
They also wanted to use the [[neo-Dnyarri]] to compel the Spathi to attack the [[VUX]], although the creature's rise to power thwarted their plans.
==Notes and references==
''{{note|1}}[[Star Control II]] manual, pp. 68.''

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