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{{PlanetBox|name=Unzervalt|image=Sc2_intro_unzervalt_colony.png|caption=A human settlement on Unzervalt aka Vela I|orbit=1.15|mass=0.86|atmo=0.98 atm|radius=0.94|temp=28|gravity=0.97|weather=Class 1|day=0.62|tectonics=Class 1|tilt=21|type=[[List of planet types#Water|Water World]]|sat=No satellites|map=unzervaltMap.png}}
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[[Unzervalt]] is a planet in the [[Vela]] system. The name "Unzervalt" was given by its [[Human]] colonists; this meant "our world", likely originating from the German "unsere Welt". Captain [[I. Burton]] of the [[Star Control (Organization)|Star Control]] [[Cruiser]] [[Tobermoon]] took refuge here after escaping a [[Hierarchy]] attack during the [[Ur-Quan Slave War]], discovering a massive [[Precursor]] installation hidden beneath the planet's surface. She later returned leading a [[Corridor Nine]]-sponsored science mission to attempt to salvage the ruins; when the mission was recalled and the Tobermoon called back into combat service with the disastrous [[Alliance]] defeat at [[Rigel]], most of the expedition remained behind to oversee the reconstruction of the station and the creation of [[The Flagship]].
Unzervalt has a variety of native flora and fauna. Some of these, after identification by the Precursor databanks, were key in the survival of the early colony. These include the blue-flowered [[Iccamullon]], the six-legged [[Ortog]], and the winged [[Libixx]]. Some colonists that ventured far beyond the original colonies came back with tales of additional, strange native life-forms.
[[The Captain]] was born on Unzervalt, and it was he who discovered how to operate the facility and the Precursor starship. An expeditionary force was assembled for a voyage back to Earth. [[Star Control II]] picks up when The Captain arrives at [[Sol]] with his Flagship. By backtracking his path, an [[Ur-Quan Kzer-Za|Ur-Quan]] [[Dreadnought]] discovered the colony shortly after The Captain's departure, and erected a [[slave shield]] around it. The Dreadnought can still be found in the system in [[Star Control II]].

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