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Never seen a bteetr post! ICOCBW
====About Me====
I am a fairly recent fan of Star Control. I got into it during September of 2002¹, when I found ROM of SC1 for Genesis (shhh). I considered it to be one of the best games I'd played for that platform, though I have been unsuccessful at locating a real cartridge. For that matter, I also need to get my Genesis fixed.
Anyway, I was surfing the net one day for more information on star control and I kept seeing references to Star Control 2. "So what," I thought to myself, "it looks like there are just a couple of new ships." How wrong I was! A year later I wound up at the Ur-Quan Masters website, and started downloading what was to become my favorite game of all time.
I've always wanted to find a way to contribute to the UQM project, but since my programming skills are rudimentary at best, I couldn't think of a way to help out. The opportunity arose with the creation of the Ultronomicon, and I decided that I would do my part for UQM by contributing to its wiki.
I go by Halleck on the UQM and TW forums. I also signed on as a dialogue writer for the TimeWarp: Legacies project, which seems to be getting back on its feet again after a long period of inactivity.
====Wiki Self-appraisal====
My spelling is a bit lacking. I have a decent grasp of Wiki Markup. I'd say I have a fair command of the English language, and on a few rare occasions I may even have a creative flair².
I can now spell M-m-r-n-m-h-r-m thanks to [[User:Mmrnmhrm|My Moron May Harm]] (see my [[User talk:Fadookie|Talk Page]]).
-=Quote Box=-
<@Meep-Eep>  Btw, congratulations on finishing the Disney skating game.
            Anything you could say about your next project?
<wimbli>    Our next game will give us a bit more game-design freedom,
            but it is still a licensed product.  We haven't given up
            hope of doing some original games someday, but publishers
            are just so unimaginative.
<eotus>    The next game will have some fish in it I'
<eotus>    I'm betting.
<wimbli>    As you can see, Erol gets really excited by fish.
<fwiffo>    Note that, as part of Erol's contributions to Disney Skate,
            the game features fresh fruit in many scenarios.
<eotus>    can hardly type when I think of fish
Since their next game (Madagascar) is about animals, and even penguins I hear, Erol may get his piscine fantasies fufilled after all.
==Other nonsense==
You can see a couple of my favorite Star Control quotes at [[User:Fadookie/Quotes]].
Here's a good place to plug [http://vegastrike.sourceforge.net/ Vega Strike], a cool GPL space game.
&sup1;Coincidentally, about a month after the UQM project started.<br>
&sup2;Guaranteed to occur on some part of the Ultronomicon, at some point in the future.

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Never seen a bteetr post! ICOCBW