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Hi y'all

I used to be a physics graduate student at Boulder with background in AMO and plasma physics, and with a sweet tooth for good old Brazilian barbecue. Me and certain aspects of CU didn't get along, so currently I'm an electrical engineering (yes, I'm a traitor) grad student at BYU doing integrated optical waveguide stuff. Star Control was one of those games that I spent countless hours playing it as a teenager. It's such a deep universe for a game from that era that I'm really interested to see all the information organized into one place.

To those who disagree with my edits, please feel free to discuss them in a civil manner on my talk page or on the talk page of the respective articles — I'm really a laid back guy generally willing to come to an equitable compromise. To those who are offended by any of my edits, it was never my intention, now get over it — "Anyone who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool". To those who really want to make this personal, don't — I'm likely the same age as you if not older (I was just starting high school when SC2 came out), I've taken three university courses on technical writing (though I still make mistakes, I'm getting better), I'm quite capable of critical thinking (I'm an INTJ holding a BS and working on a PhD both in the hard sciences), and I don't take anything said to me here or done to my edits personally (take my advice, there are way too many other things to worry about than this). To those who can get along with me despite disagreements, well that's what being an adult is all about — welcome to the world outside the cave.

Links of interest

  • [1] Excellent paper on technical writing (the reason science papers are hard to read is not the material, but because scientists and engineers generally don't know how to write with the reader in mind)

my Wiki quick links

Intended articles to-do list

possible minor location pages for completeness (though some may not be worth it)
In-game events (still need to work out appropriate titles)

Other goals

  • standardize layout of race pages
  • notes for pages with disagreements arising from internal discrepancies and 3DO vs. PC problems and esoteric references
  • none at the moment
  • standardize pages for constellations, star systems, and planets/moons/locations
  • potential planet pages for tweaking/expanding/cleaning up
  • none at the moment
  • determine the value of creating pages for the variety of creatures and characters mentioned in the Pkunk and Utwig dialog
  • intro sections for certain pages
  • none at the moment
  • remove references to the non-canonical term Second War, and merge that article into SC2 or UQM

Pointless articles

These are articles that IMHO should be deleted or merged into larger ones.

  • Beta Centauri
  • Delta Centauri
  • Epsilon Centauri
  • Gamma Centauri
  • Zeta Centauri
  • Alpha Lyrae redirect
  • Alpha Wolf redirect
  • Alpha Wolf I redirect
  • Alpha Wolf Ia redirect
  • Beta Andromedae redirect
  • Beta Lyrae redirect
  • Beta Wolf redirect
  • Callisto redirect
  • Europa redirect
  • Ganymede redirect
  • Sirius I redirect
  • Ta Puun stick merged and redirected
  • Titan redirect
  • Triton redirect

Greek letters for stars

For use in alphabetizing stars in star category by constellation name first, then star designation (greek letter)

  • Alpha - A
  • Beta - B
  • Gamma - C
  • Delta - D
  • Epsilon - E
  • Zeta - F
  • Eta - G
  • Theta - H
  • Iota - I
  • Kappa - K
  • Lambda - L
  • Mu - M
  • Nu - N
  • Xi - X

This skips J, and had a bit of a problem for eta and theta (could use Ha and Hb since Eta looks like H). Also skipped from N to X for Nu and Xi - only one constellation gets up that high