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Existing page (Timeline)

SC2 Timeline

c. 250000 years ago PC Precursors design The Flagship
c. 22,000 BCE The Faz joined the Sentient Milieu
c. 20,000 BCE RPRG Dnyarri discovered by the Ur-Quan
1940 PC The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za begin forming plans to attack Earth
2015 PC Small war of 2015, leading to the storage of all weapons of mass destruction in so called Peace Vaults
2019 PC Creation of the first Androsynth
2025 PC First year without war on Earth
2035 PC,3DO Cataclysm caused by a Deep Child makes Syra uninhabitable forcing Syreen to flee
2046 PC (March 11) Predicted millennium by Jason McBride
2075 PC Yehat discover and "uplift" the Shofixti
2085 PC,3DO (spring) The Clone Revolt
2098 PC,3DO Chenjesu detect Ur-Quan broadcasts from direction of Cygnus, ~Umgah enslaved
c. 2100 Ur-Quan Kzer-Za enslave first species in quadrant (the Thraddash)
c. 2111 PC,3DO Spathi subjugated in less than six hours
2111 PC,3DO Ur-Quan attacking Ilwrath
2112 PC Ceres Base established
2112 3DO The Chenjesu contact Earth
c. 2115 PC Androsynth subjugated within a few short weeks
2115 PC The Chenjesu contact Earth
2115 PC,3DO Humanity's "induction"
2116 PC,3DO (August 1) Earth joins the Alliance of Free Stars
2116 PC,3DO Arilou appear and ask to join the Alliance
2120 PC,3DO Syreen join the Alliance
2126 PC,3DO Botched contact with the VUX
2134 PC,3DO (March 16) Tobermoon's task force attacked in Zeeman system
2134 PC,3DO (~March 23) Tobermoon lands on Vela II, Discovery of a Precursor facility on Unzervalt
2134 PC,3DO (August 11) Burton sends Chi and the Tobermoon back to Earth
2134 RPRG Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm defeated and slave-shielded on Procyon II
2134 Humans defeated and slave-shielded on Earth
2135 RPRG Ur-Quan place Earthguard in Sol system
2135 PC Food reserves run out on Vela II for those who stayed behind
2142 RPRg Destruction of the Gg by the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
c. 2145 Destruction of the Burvixese by the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah
c. 2145 PC,3DO Farnsworth brings Precursor installation online
c. 2155 PC,3DO Completion of construction of the Flagship
2155 PC,3DO,SC2,UQM Arrival of the Precursor ship at Earth; Start of the Star Control II game
2159 3DO,RPRG Unadjusted projected victory of Kohr-Ah over the Kzer-Za

Ancient galactic history

<graph> { "width": 500, "height": 80, "padding": 5, "data": [ { "name": "empires", "values": [ {"name": "Precursor ", "start": 300000, "end": 250000}, {"name": "Mycon", "start": 250000, "end": 1800}, {"name": "Sentient Milieu", "start": 30000, "end": 22500}, {"name": "Dnyarri Slave Empire", "start": 22500, "end": 20000}, {"name": "Kzer-Za", "start": 20000, "end": 0}, {"name": "Kohr-Ah", "start": 20000, "end": 0} ] } ] } </graph>

Ur-Quan conflict (1)

Ur-Quan conflict (2)

Human history (1)

<graph> { "$schema": "", "description": "Timeline of human history in the Star Control universe", "width": 800, "height": 100, "padding": 5, "data": [ { "name": "bars", "values": [ {"label":"Ur-Quan" }, {"label":"VUX" }, {"label":"Earthguard" }, {"label":"Arilou" }, {"label":"Chenjesu" }, {"label":"Human" }, {"label":"Unzervalt" }, {"label":"Wars" } ] }, { "name": "events", "format": {"type":"json", "parse":{"when":"date"}}, "values": [ { "name":"Ur-Quan begin making plans to attack Earth", "bar":"Ur-Quan", "when":"1940" }, { "name":"Rand insults VUX", "bar":"VUX", "when":"2119" } ] } ], "scales": [ { "name": "yscale", "type": "band", "range": [0, {"signal": "height"}], "domain": {"data": "bars", "fields": "label"} }, { "name": "xscale", "type": "time", "range": "width", "domain": {"data": "events", "fields": "when"} } ], "axes": [ {"orient": "bottom", "scale": "xscale", "format": "%Y"} ], "marks": [ { "type": "text", "from": {"data": "events"}, "encode": { "enter": { "x": {"scale": "xscale", "field": "when"}, "y": {"scale": "yscale", "field": "bar"}, "fill": {"value": "#000"}, "text": {"field": "name"}, "fontSize": {"value": 10} } } } ] } </graph>

Human history (2)

Prelude to conflict

SC1 Timeline

c. 300000 years ago Precursors inhabited space
2535 Androsynth exodus from Earth
2612 (March 11) First Contact with Chenjesu
2612 (March 12) news report on First Contact
2612 (May 2) signing of Earth's treaty w/ Alliance
2612 (May 14) SSRII report on reconstruction of Hierarchy vessels/aliens
2612 (June) Decryption of Ur-Quan transmission on Alliance races