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Hello Hunams

I'm not paticularly anything special. Born back in the middle of the good ol' 80's, I actually missed Star Control II completley and only learned of it's existance through the port, The Ur-Quan Masters. Being something of a mithering crusty old coot when it comes to gaming, UQM stirred my nostalgia-senses something fierce, and now i'm in love with the game and the universe it's set in. So here I am, I guess.


Name: Matthew Frost
Age: 21
Job: um.. Aspiring Programmer?
Location: England
Likes: Fish, Gaming, Programming
Dislikes: Bad manners, Smoking, Heat, Spam
Favourite UQM Race: Yehat

Wikis Contributed To

Species: Utwig, VUX
Characters: YAX, Korgk, Grah, Chudd, Shloosh, Gussh, Dugee, Rumdumdaddy, Bosco, Jud the Ineffable Vug, Killmaster 18, Ochre, Chrupp, Chief Groo, Grand Proctor Ships: Hot Pulsing Thrusters, Blazing Guns of Glory, Overwhelmer