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I'm one of the great unwashed masses of people who submit patches and bugfixes to the game for coredev's approval. Sometimes they take them, other times they laugh at me. It's a delicate dance, really. ;) I'm also the guy who makes the Mac OS X release, although that honour is mostly an accident of history.

I used to be quite active on the UQM Forums, but deleted my account in protest when the quality of discussion degraded to an unacceptable level for my tastes. I now participate in an "lurker" capacity only.

I generally loathe to talk about myself.

Patches/Features I've Written that are included in Ur-Quan Masters

  • Fixed it so that sending the self-destruct code to a Slylandro Probe causes the "combat summary" screen to appear. This should put to bed the persistent rumours that the self-destruct code causes you to not receive the RUs for the kill.
  • Went through all the dialogs and synchronized the speech and the subtitles, and corrected all the timings. The line between "fun" and "work" was crossed on several occasions during this time.
  • When you explode a Shofixti Scout, any Orz Marines on board used to survive it. This was deemed a bug, so I fixed it.
  • Improved the slave shield graphics in the orbital screen
  • Fixed a bug with the planet lander, where it would display the wrong amount for the fuel required to land (it would say 1.10 instead of 2.0)
  • When you send the Mycon into the Syreen ambush, now you don't hear of their glorious victory until after the attack; previously, they would tell you all about it before the Mycon had moved an inch. Additionally, the Syreen ships didn't become available after the attack, despite the dialog saying they did. Fixed that, too.
  • Made it such that you could hear the righteous indignation of Commander Hayes at the beginning of the game whether you had radioactives in your cargo hold or not
  • Fixed various small graphics glitches in various parts of the game (colour cycling problems, ghost pixels, etc.)
  • Added the SC2-style ship stats in the Outfit screen
  • Fixed the positioning/alignment troubles with the subtitles
  • Helped a little with the PC-style menus
  • Made the MOD player in the game respect the "repeat" command, like the original SC2 did