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This page contains a table for ship countering in Player vs. Player Supermelee games. The table is read as follows:

  • Left-most cell: The ship for which counters are listed
  • Hard counter: Ships that are almost certain to destroy the ship
  • Soft counter: Ships that might destroy the ship, but require good play or some luck
  • Odd matches: Ships that might do the trick, but may just as well fail awfully.

Note: If you think something belongs in this chart, please ask on #uqm-arena before doing your changes.

Ship Hard Counters Soft Counters Odd Matches
Guardian icon.png Probe icon.png Terminator icon.png Avenger icon.png Fury icon.png
Skiff icon.png Scout icon.png Avenger icon.png Cruiser icon.png Guardian icon.png
Broodhome icon.png Nemesis icon.png Probe icon.png Marauder icon.png X-Form icon.png Avatar icon.png