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The most recent build is v1.34, which based on UQM 0.6.2's code.


Step 1: Download the required .dll files and place them in your main UQM directory.

  • The DLLs never change between updates. Skip this step if your computer has a previous iteration of the mod installed.

Step 2: Download the effects package and place it into an addon folder. Do not extract the contents of this .zip file, just leave it as it is. The addon path that I use is this: C:\Games\The Ur-Quan Masters\content\packages\addons\balance

  • The effects package often changes between updates.

Step 3: Download the Windows files and place them in your main UQM directory. To play Balance Mod, run the .bat file rather than the .exe.

  • The Windows .exe file changes every update.

Everything Else

Here is the source code and the effects package. Good luck! If anyone compiles a Mac build of the mod, please contact Shiver and send him the app.