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The most recent build is v2.10, which is compatible with UQM v0.7.0.


  • Download the Windows files and extract them into UQM's main directory. The default install location is "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Ur-Quan Masters" on modern Windows systems.
  • Download the effects package and place it in UQM\content\addons. Do not extract this zip file. Any older versions of this zip file should be replaced or deleted before playing.
  • Run uqm-balance-mod.exe to play.


We are looking for someone to build the Balance Mod on OS X. Please submit your binary to Github for review.

Debian, Ubuntu, and derivatives

Binary DEB packages for Debian stable, as well as current (and LTS) Ubuntu are available here on i386 and amd64; download the binary for your distribution and install with:

sudo dpkg -i <package name>

Users of other versions, distributions, or architectures can build DEBs from source using the instructions here.

Everything Else

Here is the source code with the effects add-on package included. Compiling the game on Linux and Linux-like systems should be identical to compiling the original UQM code: Install the required dependencies and run ./ uqm