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The most recent build is v1.14, which based on UQM 0.6.2's code.


Step 1: Download the required .dll files and place them in your main UQM directory.

Step 2: Download the effects package and place it into an addon folder. Do not extract the contents of this .zip file, just leave it as it is. The addon path that I use is this: C:\Games\The Ur-Quan Masters\content\packages\addons\balance

Step 3: Download the Windows .exe file and place it in your main UQM directory.

Step 4: The .exe file needs to be opened with a shortcut. The shortcut path that I use is this: "C:\Games\The Ur-Quan Masters\uqm-balance.exe" --addon balance

"Ho ho! I was able to run the .exe without a shortcut!"

Your game is missing the effects package which is critical for the mod to run correctly. Expect to run into a lot of sync errors during net play.


Nic has compiled builds of this mod in the past but is no longer interested in doing so. You will have to compile your own if you want to play. If anyone does compile a Mac build of the mod, please contact me (Shiver) and send me the app.

Everything Else

Here is the source code and the effects package. Good luck!