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calc4td NOTE: I am also an Elder Scrolls fan, though not as much or as active a fan as I am for Star Control. If one existed, one might also mention that one has played the Starflight games, though it really doesn't matter — we're all going to die anyway.

Funniest/Most Interesting Ultronomicon Edits

  • "There is also a theory involving cows. More specifically, Ortogs. In SC3, (I know, it isn't often recognized as a sequel) the Xchaggers, a minuture race are found on an Ortog. Now, how did he get all the way to the Kessari Quadrant? The Ultron, also in SC3, uses the term "Cud" at one point. Cud, of course, is chewed by cows, and, presumably, Ortogs. The Ultron IS a powerful Precursor device, but not as powerful as they claim. I, and my brother, believe that the Precursors did not disappear, leave, become invisible, get killed, eaten, etc, but instead removed their own sentience and became Ortogs. After all, were you not raised on Ortog milk? Makes sense to me."


==See also== Utwig#Mask Etiquette " (

  • "Since the Orz seem to indicate some kind of contact with the Taalo, it might be possible that the Orz are being used by them as a sort of testing device for the eventual return of the Taalo. This theory asserts that the "fingers" refers to the Taalo controlling the Orz in some way, and that the unusual speech patterns of the Orz is really signal degradation due to the difficulties of transmiting between different dimensions. This therefore puts to question whether the Orz are actual sentient beings or not (they refer to themselves as light reflections). The fact that both the the Taalo and the Orz originated in the Vulpeculae system is also cited by this theory. However, this theory does not seem completely consistent with Orz references to the Taalo nor with their apparent surprise at finding the Taalo "playground".

This theory also explains the reasoning behind the often suicidal marine unit included in the Orz Nemesis Space Craft."

Personality goodies

  • Although I like to think of myself as Chaotic Good, according to this test, I am actually True Neutral. What a pity. [Shamelessly ripped and paraphrased from Phoenix's page]
  • I am an IP with no visible tendency towards Thinking rather than Feeling or vice-verse, or towards Sensing rather than Intuition or vice-versa (though maybe somewhat more Sensing than Intuition). [Shamelessly ripped and paraphrased from Fyzixfighter's page]
  • Somehow, I only noted the results from these personality tests, therefore entering in direct copyright infringement of the intellectual properties of fellow Ultronomicon (present and former) editors... buy hey, here comes the police, I must be running now.

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