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This is my wacky theory about dimensions. Enjoy and chortle at will. It all started from a discussion between Zeracles and me, see below for a log of the discussion.

  • *Space*, *time* and *colors* are many. What we call "dimension" is actually the totality of the entities possessing a given set of one of each of these characteristics (and a *level* is the totality of the entities possessing a given set of all or some of these characteristics, i.e. it's an artificial way of singling out a group of dimensions).
    • *Space* can be *heavy space*, *Pretty Space* etc. (*now space* might mean "the current *space*").
    • *Time* can be *slow time*, *quick time* etc.
    • *Colors* have to do with perception (see "Happy *pieces*! I am *squirting nice colors*!" and "*smell*") and knowledge ("Knowledge transcends reality perimeters", and just knowing about Them makes one vulnerable to Them). Whether a *level* is *outside*, *inside* or *in between* (since the Androsynth, by knowing, made themselves *smellable* and thus facilitated the Orz's translation from *outside* to what I guess is *in between*, and since the Orz are in the process of moving to *inside*, and they need *fun* and *parties* for this) and whether a *level* is *above*, *below* or in *the middle* ("We are from the *outside*. Also the Arilou *quick babies* are from the *outside*. It is same, but not. Orz are from *below*, Arilou are from *above*.") are examples of *colors*.
      • "Reality phase" is either synonymous to *color* or is yet another example of a *color* — maybe *outsideness*, since we know that the Orz changed at least *outsideness* when the Androsynth made their reality phase-bending *slippery places*. Besides, light (*color*), as a wave, also has phase.
      • A perception from *outside* would be a detached perception (which, go figure, the Arilou indeed have!), while one from *inside* would be a very involved one (*fun* and *parties* and starting *campers* and whatnot). A perception from *above* would be a "demiurge"/"owner" one (experiments on Humans, *jumping in front* etc.), while one from *below* would be a "devil"/"thief" one (profiting from what others have built).
  • Among *times*, there are ten which each have an "easy place" ("At different *times* [...]", "this place is an easy place... one of ten easy places"), and they're places of *very heavy space* ("You cannot catch *Nnngn*... do not even try. I think you are not quite solid enough."). *Playgrounds* are the opposite — places where *Pretty Space* is somehow favored. After all, *playgrounds* are gravity centers, while *easy places* are seemingly places in the void.
  • *Sliding* is changing either *space*, *time* or *color*, or several of these at once ("You cannot *slide* like Orz from *outside* to *inside* and *in between*.", "Finally we find you, the *happy campers* and the Taalo *playground* for sliding through." — as the Orz use the *playground* for *spreading*, it seems that both *spreading* and changing *outsideness* are included in *sliding* — changing *space* and changing a *color*; to preserve "language tidiness", *time* and other *colors* are included too, probably).
  • *Spreading* is changing *space* ("To *play* with Taalo, Orz must *spread* to *Pretty Space*").
  • *HYUIVBHJHG* is using a *level* that is extremely easy to travel through as a shortcut (like HyperSpace, but much, much better).
  • It might be that the Arilou do more *time* travel — they even use *time* , and to a much lesser degree "space", when speaking about dimensions. Interestingly, they make no mention about *colors*, and since they possess no instinct, it might be that it is impossible or very hard for them to change *colors* —. Since the Taalo make *time jokes*, they're probably proficient at *time* travel as well.
  • TrueSpace is probably *slow time* *heavy space* *in between* *the middle* ("We are too happy, in this *slow time* *heavy space*", "Orz can *dance* very well *in between*", "Better parties in *the middle* for sure.")
  • HyperSpace and QuasiSpace can't be *heavy space*, judging from their emptiness; QuasiSpace is also somewhere *outside* *above* and also *quick time* (if the Arilou being called *quick babies* is any indication).