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G'day fellas, for a long time I've been an interested observer of changes to the ultronomicon. Still young (although, I'm not sure if it's still very young, as it says on the main page), but already great! I'm a research student in astrophysics. Star Control II was one of the first games I ever played. I am a unix stalwart and protoss executor - cricket is my frungy.

Cheers to everyone for all the great work so far!

Current Projects

Planet Landing Risk-Reward Formula

PsiPhi first mentioned this idea in 2005 (not that I was around, or even knew the ultronomicon existed at the time), and two months ago got us working on the idea here. This is an excellent idea, but as he said back then, it's ambitious. We (PsiPhi, Fyzixfighter, Valaggar and yours truly) have been discussing it since, and many interesting and challenging issues have come up. This is one of those problems which I think gets more interesting the harder it gets. From my perspective it's great that some of the things I've learned in research are finding a use in Star Control.

History of the Star Control Fan Universe

More on this later.