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These are notes to accompany the history, which will otherwise be cold and clinical. Anything which should be mentioned, but which doesn't make it in by tripping one of the usual flags or whatever, can go here. As you may have guessed, the title of this article is a light mockery of Lukipela's efforts.


Some choose different usernames in different regions of the SCFU. Some also change their usernames. When usernames are changed on forums, old threads are generated with the new names (just as current postcounts appear in old threads), but old usernames persist where they are used in the text of the posts and may survive in current usage. Non-serious "sockpuppet" accounts may be considered separately.

  • Meep-Eep (SCDB) = meep-eep (UQMF) = Svdb (ultronomicon) = Meep-Eep (sourceforge)
  • Michael Martin (UQMF) = Mcmartin (ultronomicon) = mcmartin (sourceforge)
  • a_stupid_box (SCDB, c. 2003) = Sedodes (SCDB, now)
  • Liber AL vel Legis (SCDB) = Jubal-lun-Sul (UQMF) = Valaggar (ultronomicon)
This case is a little tricky. Valaggar was this fellow's username at SCDB and UQMF in mid 2007 or so (also, "Valaggar the Wackrazy One"). Then it was, for only one post, "Ghost of Valaggar" (UQMF), and then "Valaggar Redux" (SCDB, UQMF) until about mid 2008 when it became "Valaggah Redux". More recently on the SCDB this became "happy fun Red", then (most recently) "Liber AL vel Legis", with "Jubal-lun-Sul" at UQMF.
  • Alana (SCDB) = alanahikarichan (UQMF) = ? (LJ)
See also: things that have been omitted from SC history at SCDB.