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[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=349 Spathi Eluder / SBC-Yahoo Dial logo]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=349 Spathi Eluder / SBC-Yahoo Dial logo]
=General Discussion=
It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Thnaks!
[http://www.star-control.com/forum/index.php/topic,15 First time stories.]
<BR>[http://www.star-control.com/forum/index.php/topic,20 Dreams about SC.]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=47 biggest "doesn't fit" items from SC series]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=310 Woo!]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=289 Is this the same StarControl ???]
:''Excludes discussion of any content and features introduced by the UQM project.''
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=32 Star Control II fact (#1)]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=94 Time limit?]
<BR>[http://www.star-control.com/forum/index.php/topic,47 HELP!! Rider's Log (probably contains spoilers)]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=148 No leads ever seem to pan out...]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=170 New to SC2/UQM]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=184 Landers bug]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=213 Some bugs]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=286 The speed record]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=287 PO'ing off everything...]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=262 Most Obscure Bit of Dialogue and/or Detail?]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=328 Surviving the Early Game]
AI-Bashing [http://www.star-control.com/forum/index.php/topic,7 First Topic Created!]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=14 Favourite ship]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=19 Your LEAST favorite ship]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=128 Pkunk Fury restoration]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=131 Pkunk Restoration]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=181 Tactic for moon-avoidance]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=182 How often does the VUX laser fire?]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=271 Chmrr]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=261 Fastest Ship in SC2?]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=305 Strategies (ship vs. ship melee)]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=331 Probe Vs. Cruiser: An Analysis from a Wimp's POV]
===Resource Gathering===
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=58 Mining]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=78 Starship Selling?]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=80 Free Radicals?]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=165 colors and mining]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=279 Landers and Minerals]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=21 Original Artwork...]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=20 Favourite music?]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=37 Last part: Favorite ditty/ditties!]
Voices [http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=8 Okay, inaugaural stupid poll time :-)]
===PC vs 3DO===
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=11 Like the game, but never played the 3DO version?]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=12 Changes already made?]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=51 The Lander cheat]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=157 Text/Speech Differences]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=207 Make Money Fast From Home!]
[http://www.star-control.com/forum/index.php/topic,17 Star Control 4???]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=34 Starcon2/Starcon3 plot point (spoils Starcon3)]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=46 Help the new guy]
<BR>[http://www.star-control.com/forum/index.php/topic,31 warp-out in SFC3]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=179 Star Control 3?]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=283 Star Control 4....]
==Specific Races==
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=187 This has been bugging me for YEARS !]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=278 Chenjesu - society]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=42 Fanstuff]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=348 Chmmr Reproduction]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=197 Druuge... and slave trade.]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=110 The 12,000 credit question...]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=136 melnorme]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=338 Why the Melnorme's bridge turns purple (spoiler).]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=199 Pkunk and the Yehat civil war?]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=291 Slylandro Probe]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=292 Umgah:  Bug or feature?]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=245 Vela?]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=295 I think I'm hosed]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=168 Admiral Zex]
[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=120 What question about SC do you most want answered?]
<BR>[http://forum.uqm.stack.nl/index.php?topic=202 Arilou and the Orz: What's the Deal? *spoilers*]
=Fan Works=
=Fan Works=

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It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Thnaks!

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