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Revision as of 14:41, 3 March 2008 by Valaggar (talk | contribs) (support of breaking along SC1/SC2 lines; colour-coding the cells)
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(replying here to your request for ideas for this table) I feel sad that the table has to be split up, but I guess we have no choice (not everyone is at 1280x1024 resolution). I would favour the "Breaking along SC1/SC2 lines" way of splitting it up, because it allows tracking the change in design that occurs between SC1 and SC2, and because it eases the usage of this table for the game Star Control I. Well, that and it looks better (two identically-sized tables one under the other look clumsy).

As to how to make it easier to read — I was thinking of something along the lines of colour-coding the cells... i.e. MaxThrusts that would be categorized by ComSim as "average thrust" get a gray cell, low thrust gets a cell with a lighter gray etc.. But don't use just 3-4 shades of gray, instead use as many shades as needed to make the table as precise as possible (e.g. use a lighter gray for an acceleration of 11 than for one of 12).

And the text would then have to be of another colour, probably red. Well, that or you can just vary the text colour so that in each cell, it's the shade of gray that contrasts most with the cell's background. So here's my two bani. Valaggar 15:41, 3 March 2008 (CET)