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Welcome to the ultronomicon, Minnowshark. Nice work on the star pages, but in the past it has been agreed that only noteworthy stars (by events, artifacts, etc) are worthy of separate articles on their own. For example, see the star pages we had before your recent additions. To maintain that stance, we may have to delete the pages you've added. But I think it would be reasonable to move them out of the main body of wiki articles to user pages (something like User:Minnowshark/stars). What do you think? For now, please stop adding pages until we've decided what to do.

I think the constellation pages are okay though. For each constellation page you've added, and for any new one, I suggest adding it to the constellations category with [[Category:Constellations]].

Back to those stars - I think it may be possible to include the information you've added but in a more succinct way, on a single page. For example, List of stars could be expanded a little in that way, although there'd have to be a compact notation for planets hosted at each star. This also reminds me of something PsiPhi tried a while back.

Anyway, thanks for your enthusiasm, look forward to hearing from you! --Zeracles 02:44, 5 March 2011 (UTC)

I saw that there is no complete catalog of all the systems in detail so I was filling out as much as I could. If the community guidelines is not to detail them, then you or I can move the pages. I don't mind putting them into the format that PsiPhi suggested but I will have to go back and get all the planetary information as I assumed it was random. --Minnowshark 5:14 10 March 2011