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Revision as of 01:56, 9 October 2004 by Fadookie (talk | contribs)
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You have three of the longest pages? Wiki encyclopedias are a collaborative effort- no single user 'owns' a page. I'm speaking more of your comment that people are adding stupid shit to "your" pages. This might be just a fluke in communication, but I hope you understand that while you may contribute greatly to certain articles, you have no explicit ownership of them. Fadookie 08:27, 8 Oct 2004 (CEST)

What can I say? I guess I take pride in my work. -SamYeager 08:47, 8 Oct 2004 (CEST)

Oh, okay. Nothing wrong with that! I just wanted to make sure this wouldn't lead to edit wars over pages you thought you "owned". Fadookie 03:56, 9 Oct 2004 (CEST)