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Quick Opinion[edit]

Forgot my log-ins (not sure if I ever had one here) Quick response on the nerfing of the Scout; Glory Device completely nullified by shielding? (Yehat. Utwig) Sounds a little extreme (and the Jugger absorbs the damage?). What about reduced to a maximum of 6 damage?
To improve itself, is there a way to increase the Umgah Drone's cone range slightly?

The Glory Device penalty versus shields was implemented to reduce the number of match-ups Shofixti is effective in. I will not be reversing it. A cone upgrade for the Umgah Drone on the other hand is something worth considering. Thanks for the input. --Shiver 00:01, 19 March 2009 (CET)


Hi, onpon4 here, though you probably know me as Jaychant. I came back here out of curiosity to see if UQM 7 had come out yet. Seems it hasn't, but I looked here, and man, this mod of UQM is incredibly improved. I especially like what you did to the Ur-Quan. Thank you very much, Shiver! You've made the best top-down space game of all time almost perfect! :D