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?: is there an Editors' Page to discuss changes publicly? if not, can we make one? -Sam

?: should we make links to go upwards through menus of items (ie. make a link to "List of Races" from the "Humans" page)? it would make editing many pages easier since we no longer have to backtrack through several pages of blanked-out previews to get to the category we were at. -Sam

!: the Wiki help page is not displaying properly. figured i should let peeps know. viewing the history allows you to see what it used to look like still though. - Sam

is there a way to delete empty pages?

Only for users with Sysop status.

the AllPages is screwed up. i think it's b/c "They" was not previously the first page. how does one fix it?

It may have something to do with the quotes. It looks like a bug in MediaWiki, the wiki software. I'll have to take a closer look one of these days.

for the WantedPages, do we view pages that have just 1 link to them? it'd be a good way to find misspelled or misdirected links.

I didn't write the wiki software. It's not a high priority for me to find out where in the code this is handled, and change it.

Minor fix. See 1 Link Pages from Main Page -Sam

how is it the special pages are uneditable?

Special pages are generated by the server

Are there plans to make the Ultronomicon into a media-rich wiki (or at least one with a few pictures)?

Yes. And we have permission from TFB to use game images and sound in the wiki.

Cool. Do you have a timeframe for when you want to start adding graphics? I'd be more than happy to assist, but file uploads are currently disabled. -Fadookie