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is there a way to delete empty pages?

Only for users with Sysop status.

the AllPages is screwed up. i think it's b/c "They" was not previously the first page. how does one fix it?

It may have something to do with the quotes. It looks like a bug in MediaWiki, the wiki software. I'll have to take a closer look one of these days.

for the WantedPages, do we view pages that have just 1 link to them? it'd be a good way to find misspelled or misdirected links.

I didn't write the wiki software. It's not a high priority for me to find out where in the code this is handled, and change it.

how is it the special pages are uneditable?

Special pages are generated by the server

Are there plans to make the Ultronomicon into a media-rich wiki (or at least one with a few pictures)?

Yes. And we have permission from TFB to use game images and sound in the wiki.

Cool. Do you have a timeframe for when you want to start adding graphics? I'd be more than happy to assist, but file uploads are currently disabled. -Fadookie