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Noteworthy Events

Probably no-one's interested, but keeping this open, here's some things I would include

  • maiden posts on the SCDB (if these are difficult to find, maybe just registration dates)
  • new SCDB threads
  • maiden posts on the UQMF
  • new UQMF threads
  • UQM version releases
  • music remixes
  • artwork
  • melee tournaments
  • mods
  • ideas (good ones, that is)
  • posts on the PNF main page or changes to the PNF in general
  • changes in personnel (like Scott taking over the PNF)
  • new ultronomicon pages
  • maiden edits to the ultronomicon
  • fiftieth edits to the ultronomicon
  • 500th edits to the ultronomicon
  • final edits or posts of people who seem to have disappeared (inactive for a year, say)

Maybe there's a whole lot of stuff I've missed, feel free to add them. --Zeracles 19:15, 10 March 2008 (CET)