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ultron	3	20050107	Fyzixfighter	M
ultron	3	20070323	Valaggar	M
ultron	2	20070926	Zeracles	M
UQMF	1	20071103	Zeracles	M
SCDB	2	20071110	Zeracles	M
ultron	1	20080119	Zeracles	N	History of the Star Control Fan Universe

The above is data to be fed into simple awk script. To generate some of the actual history from here, one downloads the above (can just copy, but when this is longer it would be better to download the page source and automate extraction of the plain text) and operates on it with code such as

awk '{if (($1 = "ultron") && ($2 > 1)) print $0}' data > history

where data is the text above saved as a text file "data", and the code writes the output to a file called "history". Each line of the data corresponds to an event. The above line would extract all the events with "ultron" in the first column and with a number greater than 1 in the second column. As I'm about to explain below, this means extracting all ultronomicon events with significance level (as defined here) greater than 1.


One may filter according to the values in the columns.

  1. place as in SCDB, UQMF, ultronomicon, et cetera.
  2. significance as defined here
  3. date
  4. figure responsible
  5. event (flag, for example "M" for maiden post or edit)
  6. event (verbatim description beyond that which is implied by the flag)


  • M maiden post or edit, which depends whether this is forum or ultronomicon
  • N new topic or article, which depends whether this is forum or ultronomicon

Much still be done with code and definitions, but now anyone can edit the raw data (within the definitions already provided), so feel free to edit yourself a place in history!

--Zeracles 13:03, 15 August 2008 (CEST)

Hmm, maybe it'd be more economical to split the data into separate year pages. Patience, I'll get this party started eventually. --Zeracles 09:38, 5 September 2008 (CEST)