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An Utwig captain, wearing the Mask of
Ultimate Embarrassment and Shame
Homeworld: Beta Aquarii I (Fahz)
Coordinates: 863.0 : 869.3
Member of: The New Alliance of Free Stars
Ship: Jugger

The Utwig live in the Aquarii constellation. They are a melancholic race of thin, wrinkled skinned humanoids, who always wear a variety of masks on their faces.

"Mask-Etiquette" is the most interesting aspect of Utwig culture. Utwig can never show their faces, and are required to wear masks for as long as they live. There are thousands of these masks, designed for different activities, moods, festivals, ceremonies etc. This custom was born in their ancient violent past, when they finally came to the strange conclusion that a face, that expresses primal emotions, creates all their wars and violence. Therefore face must be hidden for all time in order for a culture to progress peacefully.

Utwig have long been in the possesion of a mystical device called the Ultron, which they bought from the Druuge. The Ultron is their source of happiness and enlightment, much like a portable God. When it is lost or broken, all Utwig fall into a state of collective Despair.

Utwig have a strong partnership with the Supox, their closest starfaring neighbours. The Supox have taken the Utwig culture as their model.