Utwig Bomb

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Obtained from the Utwig in exchange for the Ultron, the Utwig Bomb is affixed to your ship by the Chmmr, and is used to destroy the Sa-Matra, thus winning the game.

The Utwig Bomb is actually an ancient Precursor bomb, used to 'remove' unwanted moons and other small planetary-scaled objects. The same type of bomb was used by the Shofixti, when they rammed into their sun at Delta Gorno, instantly vapourising one third of the Ur-Quan fleet. Unfortunately, the explosion almost completly annihilated them as well.

The bomb is also a very dangerous artifact, being a matter-antimatter bomb. The power of it is incomparable to a thermo-nuclear bomb, in which only a small fracion of the matter is disintegrated. In devices like this, a large quantity of matter and antimatter combine, resulting in the fusion of pure energy.

When brought back to the orbital station on Sol, the scientists are quite afraid of examining it, let alone unloading it from the cargo bay. They advise to conduct any experiments far away from the station.