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VUX are a race, that to an earthling resembles a bipedal, one-eyed cross between a hideous green octopus and an anteater. Captain Jeffry L. Rand who first encountered them joked about the name VUX meaning Very Ugly Xenoform unaware that the VUX translator devices were already operating and relayed these words to the VUX captain, thus ending the first contact in catastrophe.

However it is later learned that Peaceful coexistance with humanity and the VUX would have been a pipe dream nonetheless. This is because the VUX think Humans are simply too UGLY to be left alive. Whenever a VUX views an earthling, he is forced to regurgitate...

Fact is that in VUX culture, concepts of appearance and fashion are of tantamount importance, and their mindset seems to be stuck in a "victorian england" -kind of thinking. To their eyes a lifeform as bizarre looking as a humanoid is a new dimension in horrifying ugliness, a monster. So it's no surprise that they view the other humanoid races, Syreen, Androsynth and Arilou with equal disgust.