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[[Image:nopicyet|thumb|Venus as seen from orbit]]
{{PlanetBox|name=Venus|image=Venus2.png|caption=aka Sol II|orbit=0.72|mass=0.81|atmo=180.0 atm|radius=0.95|temp=457|gravity=0.90|weather=Class 8|day=243.0|tectonics=Class 2|tilt=177|sat=No satellites|map=Venus_surface.png|type=[[List of planet types#Primordial|Primordial World]]}}
Venus is the second planet in the [[Sol]] system, which can be found at [[HyperSpace]] coordinates 175.2 : 145.0.
'''Venus''' is a [[List of planet types#Primordial|Primordial World]] and the second planet in the [[Sol]] system. The rotation of this planet is retrograde, hence the axial tilt being very nearly 180°.
It is a [[Water Worlds#Primordial (Greenhouse)|Primordial World]].
<table width="300">
    <td width="50%">Orbit: 72 a.u.</td>
    <td width="50%">Mass: 0.81 e.s.</td>
    <td width="50%">Atmo: 180.0 atm</td>
    <td width="50%">Radius: 0.95 e.s.</td>
    <td width="50%">Temp: 457 C</td>
    <td width="50%">Gravity: 0.90 g.</td>
    <td width="50%">Weather: Class 8</td>
    <td width="50%">Day: 243.0 days</td>
    <td width="50%">Tectonics: Class 2</td>
    <td width="50%">Tilt: 177 </td>
In a  single word, Venus is: Hell. An unprotected person on the surface would simultaneously be flattened by the gravitational forces, suffocated by the atmosphere, burned to a crsip by the intense srface temperatures, and torn to shreds by the adcid vapours that pass for rain. Truly, '''NOT''' a place for a vacation!

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aka Sol II
Orbit: 0.72 a.u. Mass: 0.81 e.s.
Atmo: 180.0 atm Radius: 0.95 e.s.
Temp: 457° c Gravity: 0.90 g.
Weather: Class 8 Day: 243.0 days
Tectonics: Class 2 Tilt: 177°
Primordial World
No satellites
Venus surface.png

Venus is a Primordial World and the second planet in the Sol system. The rotation of this planet is retrograde, hence the axial tilt being very nearly 180°.