Warp Escape Unit

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An emergency Warp Escape Unit allows a spaceship to exit a combat zone before the fight is over. Engaging the unit immediately brings the ship to a halt while the unit builds up enough energy for the short distance HyperSpace maneuver. Unlike on standard starships, the unit on more massive The Flagship consumes five units of fuel when it performs this maneuver.

Originally, The Flagship was not constructed with a Warp Escape Unit. Following Commander Hayes' agreement to help The Captain, the technicians from the Earth Starbase install one in The Flagship. This unit was later removed when the Chmmr installed the Amplified Precursor Bomb.

Admiral ZEX claims to have a Precursor device that inhibits emergency Hyperspace maneuvers, making a Warp Escape Unit entirely useless. However, this is merely a bluff by ZEX to deter The Captain from fighting.