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Black dot in the middle of planets in orbital view.
Black dot in the middle of planets in orbital view.

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Full Install, base package only

Binaries and config files only, no packages


Extract uqm-full.zip into the root of your SD card. If you have the old version, you only need uqm-no-content.zip, and can install it over top.

If your screen is cut off

There is an extra setup option controlling the scaling and offset of the image on screen. Adjust the sliders to ensure that all four green borders are visible on screen.

Using the 3DO packages

They should all work but aren't included in the zip file. Since the Wii port is built on the UQM svn, I don't think you can use the package from the download section. You can get them here, using the "download as tarball" link at the bottom. Add-ons on the SVN. (Don't forget to extract the files from the tarball once you have downloaded it). It is highly recommended that you zip them into a .uqm file, rather than placing all of the individual files onto your SD card. This is because the Wii file access libraries seem quite slow at opening many small files at once.


Defaults to Player 1 on Wiimote 1, Player 2 on Wiimote 2. Hold the Wiimote sideways, like an NES controller. Button 1 is OK/fire, Button 2 is Cancel/Special. Plus and Minus scroll/zoom, and the home button activates your escape hyperdrive. You can also use the nunchuck if you prefer, stick controls the ship, A fires, B is special. (Since both work, be careful how you hold the wiimote, as pushing B will still be cancel/special!) In theory you can add to the config files to allow you to also use the Classic Controller attachment, and it will still be considered Joystick 1/2, just with different button/hats. The Wiibrew Wiki entry on SDL has information on the button and axis mappings.

In the config menu you can change either player to use a game cube controller. A and B for OK and fire, d-pad or left stick for directions, the C stick scrolls and zooms. The Start button is hyperdrive.


Source Code Built using r3185 from the SVN. Source file includes only the .diff patch, not all of the UQM code. The .diff now includes updates to the configuration scripts, so running build.sh should work properly. A readme file is included with details on how to set your environment variables so it will work.

The file "lwp_config.h" needs to replace the old one in your libogc source, so that there are enough mutexes.

The file "pthread.h" needs to go into your includes path somewhere. It is a wrapper to make the LWP library in libogc behave like the standard pthread library.

Libraries Required to Build

SDL Wii r63. Later versions have a bizarre screen update bug.

"inofficial" libfat fork Forked version is needed because it supports caching, and the main did not. (May have changed).

"inofficial" libogc fork Forked version is needed because the official libogc only uses MEM1, which is not enough memory for UQM.

You also need libvorbis / tremor and libpng. dhewg has provided these libraries pre-compiled here, though cross-compiling them is easy also.

Hopefully that is all of them! Don't forget to run elf2dol on the "uqm" or "uqm-debug" file you get out of the build script.

Known Issues

Latest version seems stable, but did have one crash when selecting the next ship too fast during Sa-Matra fight. Save often, especially if the music stops playing unexpectedly.

Black dot in the middle of planets in orbital view.