Wimbli's Trident

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One of many apparently useless Precursor relics obtained by the Druuge from the Utwig in exchange for the Ultron. The Utwig, using the Ultron's own power, predicted that in this storehouse of unidentifiable, unusable Precursor relics they had accumulated would be hidden the secret of changing and purifying the racial nature of the Druuge, and gave them these relics as a charitable act. The Druuge, angry at being cheated of their truly sought prize, the incredibly powerful Precursor bomb the Utwig had found, proceeded to unload as many of these relics on foolish travelers as they could.

Wimbli's Trident appears to be nothing but a three-pronged polearm fashioned out of ordinary metal. The name "Wimbli" is carved on the shaft, though the crudeness of the inscription signifies that it may be a later addition by the Druuge to enhance the perceived value of the artifact. Their claims that the Trident grants the power to fire energy blasts or travel between dimensions seem baseless. In what may be an odd coincidence or something more, however, ancient Earth legends speak of a similar artifact with a similar name that did have great powers, bestowed by a frog named Wimbli on a knight named Chauncey in the kingdom of Franzkapowi. How the Druuge could have learned about this ancient artifact and used its name for their attempt at fraud, if indeed that is what they did, is unknown.