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Starship Databank Entry

Flexibility is the key to survival. The robotic Mmrnmhrm understood this concept, as proven by their agreement to join the Chenjesu in their "Process", but their warships have integrated this concept wholly and fully. The Mmrnmhrm X-Form, also known as the Mmrnmhrm Transformer, could quickly transform from the slow but powerful X-Wing form to the quick stinging Y-Wing form.



The X-Wing form has the dubious honor of being the slowest ship in the game, even slower than the VUX Intruder. However, while terribly slow, the X-Wing form has an excellent turning rate, allowing it to quickly bring its formidable weaponry to bear upon its opponents.


The quick Y-Wing form relies on the concept of "If you can’t hit me, you can’t kill me". One of the fastest ships in the galaxy, the Y-Wing form is only somewhat hampered by its slow turn-rate. In this form, the ship can quite effectively evade enemy shots if flown by a skilled pilot.




The X-Wing form is equipped with a powerful twin-laser array that deal enormous damage at a short range. This weapon rapidly depletes the modest energy store of the Transformer, so use the laser array with care.


The Y-Wing form uses long-range twin missile launchers with fair tracking systems. While the missiles cause little damage individually, their range when correctly mixed with the Y-Wing form’s immense speed can slowly demolish a ship, causing slow but constant attritional damage from a safe distance. Being able to outrun most ships, the Y-Wing form is vital to winning any battle.


The secondary ability of the Transformer is to switch between the X-Wing and Y-Wing modes. This is a fairly intensive process, and will fully deplete the combat batteries of the Transformer.

Tactical Overview

When piloted skillfully the Transformer can prove a lethal adversary to most ships, either by attrition or by short and deadly laser-blast. An experienced pilot can use the flexibility of the versatile Transformer to overcome most ships.

Strong Against: Nearly every ship not listed below.

Weak Against: The Chmmr Avatar, with its zap-sats able to neutralize the Y-Wing form's missiles, a more powerful laser with greater range than the X-Wing form, is deadly to the Transformer, leaving little choice but attempting a suicide-run with its lasers hot. The Kohr-Ah Marauder can effectively lay mines which the slow-turning Y-Wing form can hardly evade. Chenjesu Broodhome Crystaline Shots can do the same but it takes a good aim. The Yehat Terminator’s shield turns it into a major adversary. An unwary pilot can find the Earthling Cruiser rather deadly too. Finally, the Ilwrath Avenger, with its cloaking device, can render the Y-Wing form's tracking missiles almost useless and force the Transformer into a deadly close-range exchange. Androsynth Guardian can outrun the Y-Wing, and because Y-Wing turns so slow, it may be hard to avoid it. You should use the X-Wing to laser the Guardian. Still, a skilled Androsynth can beat the X-Form.