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General Review

Flexibility is the key to survival. The robotic Mmrnmhrm understood the concept, as proven by their agreement to join the Chenjesu in their "Process". The X-Form has integrated this concept wholly and fully. The Mmrnmhrm X-Form could quickly transform from the slow but powerful Laser-Form to the quick stinging Jet-form.

The Laser-Form

The Laser-Form has the dubious honor of being the slowest ship in the game, slower even more than the Vux Intruder. However, the Laser form Dual-Wing-Laser Array is a devestating weapon that can cause up to 24 points of damage in a full barage. Also, while terribly slow, the Laser-form is quick to turn, making it hard for fast but short ranged ships such as the Slylandro Probe, the Arilou Skiff or the Pkunk Fury to creep on from behind. Also, it is not unheard of to see the X-Form gaining speed in it's Jet-form and then cruising in the same direction and speed as the Laser-Form, targeting and uncareful enemy. The Laser-Form's vulnerability is to big ships that cause massive damage as it can't evade those big painful shots.

The Jet-From

The quick Jet-form introduces the concept of “If you can’t hit me, you can’t kill me”. One of the fastest ships in the galaxy, the Jet-form also introduces a long-range twin missile launchers with a fair tracking systems. While the missiles cause little damage, their range when correctly mixed with the Jet-form’s immense speed can slowly demolish a ship, causing slow but constant attritional damage from a safe distance. Being able to outrun most ships, the Jet-form is vital to any useful X-form battle. Somewhat hampered by it’s slow turn-rate, the Jet-form can still effectively evade enemy shots if a piloted by a skilled pilot. The Jet-form’s main enemies are faster ships such as the Slylandro Probe, the Pkunk Fury and the Androsynth Guardian. The Arilou Skiff can use its inertialess propulsion and short-range hyperspace shunts to set an ambush to the Jet-form too.

Tactical Overview

When piloted skillfully the X-form can prove a lethal adversary to most ships, either by attrition or by short and deadly laser-blast. An experienced pilot can use the flexibility of the versatile X-form to overcome most ships.

Strong Against: Nearly every ship. I especially like to wear-down the Utwig’s shield with the missiles.

Weak Against: The Chmmr Avatar, with its zap-sats and longer-reaching Terra-watt laser is deadly against the X-form, leaving the X-form nothing to do but attempting a suicide-run with its lasers hot. The kohr-Ah Marauder can effectively lay mines which the slow-turning Jet-form can hardly evade. Chenjesu Broodhome Crystaline Shots can do the same but it takes a good aim. The Yehat Terminator’s shield turns it into a major adversary. An unwary pilot can find the Earthling Cruiser deadly too.

This Review has been written by Moon Shadow