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Advanced, Pterodactyl-like race that has travelled the stars for many centuries. The Yehat race consist of different Warrior clans, that have in the past fought bloody wars on their homeworld. Only a Veep-Neep queen was able to put a stop to the agressions of the clans and unify the Yehat as they eventually made they're way to the stars.

Yehat are very proud of the fact that they made this advancement to space on their own, and grant the Humanity great honor for achieving the same.

Strong Yehat warships were the backbone of the Alliance during their war with the Hierarchy. When the war ended in the loss of the Alliance, the current Yehat Veep-Neep queen made a sudden shift in policy by becoming an Ur-Quan Battle Thrall. This shamed the proud avian Warriors greatly, and their Shame was only Magnified by the bravery of their "adopted children", the Shofixti, who made their own sun to go supernova, destroying hundreds of Hierarchy ships.

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